We are publishers and booksellers.

Civilizations have been established, destroyed, and rebuilt by books. That is not going to change anytime. So, here we are. We are San Anselmo Publications, Inc., a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the Philippines, established in 2018. We get manuscripts, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, academic journals, lectures, art monographs, and others. We edit them. Lay them out. Design them a cover. Then, print them en masse. We send them everywhere where words are needed.

We are in Manila, Philippines.

Call center capital of the world. Tropical weather. Nice beaches. Cheap food. Public school education is free. Words are valued here. We have many bookstores.

We have a website because

Not everyone can visit bookstores. But everyone with a web connection can come to this site. Our books will be for sale here and in other webstores.

We are worried.

One day a giant asteroid is going to zap out all electronic data on earth and all books in electronic format will be gone. Only those with hard copies will survive. Thus, we have links to electronic copies of our books for you to purchase elsewhere, and you can find hard copies to buy here. We hope we’re wrong about the asteroid, but our belief in the strength of words printed on pages, neatly-bound with covers, is unwavering.

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